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Social Media Strategies for Academics

Social Media Strategies for Academics

Join me and Professor Erik Kwakkel to learn how to create a succesful strategy for your social media activities in our Social Media for Academics workshop this November.

Part of The Connected Leiden Researcher's mission is to encourage you to explore social media and to discover how they can support your research, whether that support comes in the form of easy access to your peers, as a form of outreach to the general public, or even as a data source. But if we've succeeded and you've started to use or want to start using social media, you might be unsure of how to do so without it taking up too much time, how to strike the right tone, or how to reach your desired audience. How do you make it part of your routine and not a disruptor of that routine? In short, you need to strategize.

Luckily, there's a workshop for that! Join me and Professor Erik Kwakkel this November for Social Media Strategies for Academics, a Leiden University HRM course. In this course, aimed at postdocs and beyond, we will not only give you an overview of the various social media, but we will also give you practical tips of what to think about when creating your personal strategy.

The course will consist of three sessions. The first is a short introductory session on social media in academia, the second will be a full afternoon where theory and praxis will be combined and you will create a first version of your personal strategy. In the last session, which will be about a month later, we will reconvene to evaluate how that strategy has worked for you and whether it requires some tweaking. The first session will be open to all, for the latter two you will need to register.

Social Media Strategies for Academics' dates are November 9 and 17 and December 15. For more details, times, and location please see the HRM website.

I hope to see you there!