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Get Kudos For Your Work

Get Kudos For Your Work

We all want recognition for our work. Find out how the Kudos service can help your science communication efforts and get your work seen and discussed by a larger audience.

Kudos are the praises you reap once you've successfully completed a project or assignment. And when are kudos more appropriate than when you've just published an article? And while a pat on the back is nice, it is more interesting (and perhaps rewarding) to see your work discussed. Kudos, the service that is, offers you a way to not only easily share your work, so you can get that discussion going, but it also lets you track how effective your science communication is through the aggregation of different metrics, such as clicks, views, downloads at the publisher site, citations, and altmetrics.

Why would it help you?

Using Kudos and its article profiles would not only give you a central place to find altmetrics for your article, but other data as well, not just at the article level but at the sharing level as well. Kudos creates a shareable link that, when you share it through email or social media, tracks the click-throughs to the page and its contents. This way you could try different outreach strategies and see which ones yield the best results.

In addition, having to create a layman's abstract for the profile can crystallise your project and your talking points. In a way it is a textual version of Famelab, where the having to write the layman's explanation is similar to having to pitch your research within three minutes. Since communicating your research to a broader audience than just your fellow academics is becoming more and more important to gain funding, investing time in developing better science communication skills and strategies might be worth your effort. They will not only help you reach a broader audience, they might also enable you to reach more peers, which might increase your citation count as well. Kudos and its article profile format can be a tool to improve on these skills.

More information

Visit the Kudos In Depth page for more information or visit directly to view promotional videos, find more information or sign up.